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Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Yours Is The Day, Lord, Yours Is The Night. By Jeanie Gushee, Davie Gushee Ph.D.

As my review is the first I feel challenged.
I chose the book for 2 reasons, one it is about prayer and second, it has prayers prayed by people through the times.
The title being a prayer itself caught my attention.
In the introduction the Gushee's say the prayers were to be a part of personal prayer.
Whenever asked to pray and when in private prayer I find myself at a loss for words, and enjoyed the simplicity of the prayers in this book, giving me the words, setting across a need I had not though of for the day.
The prayers are short, insightful, obviously selected and arranged for the time of the year. And how nice to read a prayer Charles Spurgeon prayed, or the prayers of Gregory the Great. There is a thread that weaves throughout the book linking Christians in our prayer life from 540 till today!

Elizabeth Anne Seton's prayer, Lord, strengthen my soul, so that so many firm resolutions may be more than mere words. Amen. Said on one eventful evening during her life 1774 to 1821 is so appropriate for the month of January and well and truly appropriate for us today.

I like having the Calendar of Movable Holy Days from 2013 through to 2012.The Calendar and the selection of prayers joins all Christians just as prayer does.

I received this book for review from Booksneeze. 
Visit the website:  www.booksneeze.com

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