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Sunday, October 14, 2012

I Am Second

I am Second... prompted me to ask is it Jesus who is First?
So I went to have a look at the website. I found a cache full of testimonies!
 It was a Christian multimedia movement and non profit organization inspiring people to live for Jesus Christ.
From a small beginning it has moved around the world and is growing. Allowing viewers to listen and see video testimonies from people of all walks of life, testimonies that are from the heart, related to specific subject area or common struggle that people experience.  Such as abuse, abortion, affluence, anger, cancer, child abuse, death, disabilities, divorce, fatherlessness, forgiveness, grief, marriage, molestation, pride, prison, prostitution, purpose in life, racism, relationships, satisfaction, self-esteem, selfishness, sex addiction, substance abuse, success, trauma, war and work
I chose to read the book, just to own a copy, the website has the same testimonies and more. I find the fact that everything takes second place to Jesus who is First appealing. The book does the same. Norm Miller the founder's testimony is at the end of the book. Credits and blurb on Doug Bender and Dave Sterret are at the end of the book. Nothing takes precedence over Jesus in this ministry.
I love the website, subscribe to it and watch every video that is posted, I loved the book and encourage all to visit the website.
The stories are about the lives of real people telling it themselves, choosing to share their faith and salvation in their own words.
 About the hope we have in Jesus, the courage we find in Him to build our lives again. About the freedom in confessing Jesus as First. Freedom from pain, addictions and sin. 
The stories are not boring or superficial and you can see the pain change to joy each time the teller or testifier proudly states ... I am Second!
The testimonies are from people who have taken responsibility for their mistakes and their sins, know they are forgiven in Jesus and know that they are now moving forward with Jesus being First.

He is first.

I received this book for review from Booksneeze. 
Visit the website:  www.booksneeze.com

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