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Friday, June 15, 2007

Off the Cuff...

Saturday, June 9, 2007

Had a nice week off at the end of May to the 3rd of June 07.

But spent most of the time recovering from a bout of food poisoning.

Did get my Jewellery Tatting off the ground, made a simple long strand of dark and light green Jade that impressed my colleagues at work.
I am now working on colored pearls and hopefully will have photos available.
I must thank all the wonderful tatters who show their work on their bloggs. I love you guys and enjoy your work thoroughly they always inspire me.

Developed some original stuff of my own too!

For those who follow on the Call Centre news, here is some updates!

Underwriting has arrived in India! didnt take long did it (refer to my previous Blogg .. Call Centers.

Recently a colleague she was most embarrassed it was a behind her palm whisper and a point out to a red box fitted to the rear door to the office building, it is a condom dispenser and thats where the people take their smoking breaks, the vehicles are parked and the drivers hang out. So I speak to a manager enquiring on the reasoning behind the location selected to fit the dispenser and say d'you know - all over the world these dispensers are fitted in the toilets. May be this should have be titled Call Center 'collect your protection it is available at the back door.'

Birth Control and Protection: moving along the same vein... Recently got a shock of my life, a friend speaks to me of her fear of getting pregnant the man responsible was met on the internet chat site, from the very first meeting they got intimate and although they did not go all the way they were sufficiently intimate to raise valid fears. All is well now but it made me feel old. Protection never figured on either of their minds. Tell me are we behind the times in Pune or what?

So what do we have here, India telling the world that they are in the 21st century but the people on the ground have not even reached the 19th century, because, as a woman you cannot go the the pharmacy and buy protection although they are prominently displayed in the front counter because of the sleazy grins you would get from the Pharmacists assistants. Wonder whether you can get birth control over the counter?

Abstinence does not seem to be a solution. Take the numerous children born with AIDs. A local hospital has 20 children whose parents dont want them for any of these reasons, they dont have the funds to keep them alive, they dont want to take them home as other people will know, they dont want to or have the time to take care of them.

What the world needs now is prayer and the love Jesus gave, the kind He showed when He bent to draw a line in the sand and every eye in the crowd was off the naked woman and on Him.
Would you recognise Jesus today if he came by your desk and sat down for a chat with a cup of coffee for you, as the woman at the well did? and would you run to tell your friends and family?

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