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Saturday, January 12, 2008


Closed 2007 with a bang and started 2008 with a lot of introspection and expectations are very high.

Important lessons learnt in 2007
Be dependable and forgive without leaving the hatchet sticking out.
Therefore for 2008 my resolutions are to be dependable and obedient to God, I plan to follow reading the Bible in one year and fully participate in my home, work and projects.
I fulfilled 2007 plan to get my head around to honoring God as my Father and it was so mindlessly easy that I really don’t know what I stressed and procrastinated for all these years. I failed at the losing weight plan, I made it until September and then lost it, and am onto it again.

Gods hedge of protection is incredible, I now know that God will intervene with the local police and rickshaw drivers at unearthly hours like 2 30 am. I believe that Sarah was protected while living in the King of Egypts house.

Insight, we are the generation that have provided information explosion, enhanced technology and taken consumerism to the next level, but still carry with us the age old burdens racial tensions, fear, deny women and children rights, reject being our brothers keeper. We are still busy contemplating our navels. We think as the generation before us that we know how to rear our children better, and then get shocked that our next generation cannot handle simple issues and pitfalls. Well we have handed everything to them on a platter and they have not had the opportunity to experience the pitfalls. Who wants to learn from anothers mistake? We have always wanted to make our own and believe we learn better. In 2008 let us pray for our next generation all over the world for there is still hope, there is Jesus.

New Year celebrations and the days leading up to it and Christmas were very eventful and changed my life.

Roystons timberland shoe sole expanded and came off partially due to the heat from the bonfire at Tyrannus Hall that meant a major expense for replacement. To our goodluck we managed to find the same thing at a shop for a fraction of the price we thought it would cost from the Timberland outlet, only it was made in China and the ones that were damaged were made in Chechkoslovakia there is a difference in the finished product. Royston prayed for replacement shoes. God is mindful of everything and we can go to Him for the smallest of things.

I had a fruitful meeting with Via Design on the 31 December 2007 (www.viadesign.org) for a project and spent the following days getting my home and work in perspective.
Gods faithfulness came through to me at this time, as 2007 was so busy with work that I did not give much time towards my commitment to Via Design.

Our computer is slowing dying but we are still able to watch movies and update accounts and I use it to store all my tatting ideas and photos. We are praying for a new computer in the near future.

My work is going along well and I have high hopes for 2008 which include earning more money through incentives.

2007 went by with not enough money to get through to the end of the month especially in the last quarter, which incidentally coincided with me getting a small increase in salary.
Strange isn’t it, the more you earn the more you spend? Kyrie struggled along and she paid her tithe on allowances she did not get! Now I owe her and am paying back slowly.

Tessy and her husband Deep and their daughters Sarah and Daniella along with Marc brought us much joy last year and also stepped in with help too. Which was a great blessing to me.

I was happy to sell a few baubles at a coffee shop, and learnt a good lesson that presentation is everything when you want to sell your wares.

I received a pen drive as one of my presents from Royston, so I expect to be more faithful with my blog updates. An amazing gadget the pen drive is, it helps me keep a record of the beautiful tatting patterns out there on the internet and soon I shall be able to add my work and update patterns too.

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