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Saturday, March 10, 2007

2007 on its way.

The last 6 months have been very eventful. Today is the last day of my week of leisure.

September and Octorber 2006 were spent making sales calls. Then wonder of wonders I was on the list selected to go for training. Where Glasgow Scotland.

November was spent in Glasgow with a weekend in London and 5 days in Portsmouth.
Then back to Pune, missed Royston and Kyrie a lot while I was away. Gorged on all the chocolates I brought back and met a friend on the street who warned me that I was putting the weight on big time again! Yes a good friend.
No leave until this past week because we were what they call the main group and were needed until they trained other groups and now we are almost 75 people or more.

Now, I am getting back to my Tatting, trying out new designs.
I enjoyed Autumn in Glasgow and enjoyed all the christmas decorations every where. It was nice being in a country where its ok to protray your christian back ground, there are churches everywhere in Scotland and they are not converted into anything else.
But, realised that people now want to be Politicaly correct and so its not good to be blatantly Christian. Dont say the Jesus word unless you are swearing.

Got back to Pune and the Auto Rickshaw driver wanted to charge me 200 hundred rupees! Then he got mad because my accented and bad Hindi mislead him into thinking I was a Foreigner then he thought I was a Non Resident Indian only to learn I lived in Pune.

Then started my drive nightmares: These are the horrendous drivers that take me to work and bring me home. The drivers dont always know how to read in English and therefor are not able to get to the staff addresses.
This particular driver goes to the second floor knocks on a flat door finds it locked and leaves me. I call the office and they send him back.
Another one gets directions from me to a friends home, but does not know the name on his list goes up to the wrong floor knocks on the wrong door and comes back saying she is not coming with us. She later calls asking why we have not picked her up! The guy read the wrong persons address!
And there am I blustering away because my Hindi vocab is miniscule and I cannot tell the driver off!

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