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Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Forgiveness by Matthew West- A Book Review

  This little book, a compilation of true stories by real people will bring you to tears and will touch your heart. The song will tell you the truth.

Forgiveness - 'forgive and forget' is a phrase glibly stated by everyone no matter the nation they hale from, and more often than not, they tag on if they are want to give a personal touch: 'I am not able to forget'. Or from a recent conversation, we insist that we forgive and forget. However, the Bible doesn't put the two adjectives together, its either one or the other, 'forgive your brother' or 'set aside your grievances' and best of all, 'God sets your sins apart as far as the East is from the West'.

Why should I forgive? What's in it for me? Forgiveness allows you and I to live at peace, it's not for the other person - as most of us think. I forgive that I may step out of my prison or pain and into the sunshine. As Nelson Mandela said: I wanted to be free, so I let it go, I let it go.

We all end up thinking about forgiveness ... its almost as much a part of our essential being as that part that knows the moral code and that God exists.
In this book, a woman stated - only forgiveness brings peace...  die in my bitterness - an angry woman my precious Tom wouldn't have recognised.
Do we truly believe, God is able to forgive the person who sells their child to human traffickers or rents them out to paedophiles, has William Dahmmer been truly forgiven? They accepted Jesus as their saviour and so them must be forgiven.
We want that peace that comes from letting go of the wounds of the heart and mind - that pain lingers on well after the scars have faded, and seem insurmountable when there are no scars at all.

Jesus came that we may be forgiven.
When bad things happen, where is God? The answer given in this book is compelling...I will let you read it for yourselves.
Forgive as Joseph forgave is oft stated, but it's not easy, neither was it easy for Joseph, but once on the forgiving track it goes all the way...I believe the forgiver is the one who rests easy at night.

During yet another conversation, it was said: we must forgive and forget, and there is no need to hold the other person accountable any longer, we must let them go, not seek to hear them admit their folly.

I picked up this book, for free, from Booksneeze.com. They offer an Ebook.

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