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Sunday, November 17, 2013

Am I Worth It? A book review...

Turn Around God: Discovering God's transformational power. By Charlotte Gambill

Being on a journey towards finishing well, needing something really bad, looking for a change to take place now, not tomorrow, being still and wondering whether its the right thing to do, is being still being luke warm? When contentment starts feeling more like containment, you do what I did.

Choose this book - about our Turn Around GOD. Yes I was, am looking for an answer. I hear the question - Yes! I have. The testimony is not mine to tell.
Yes I am worth it :)
You are worth it too.

You need this book in a British economy gone wrong,  filled with people in a frenzy of fear and despair following the recession. This  book should be on every book shelf in all Book Stores across the country. There should be T Shirts and posters and flyers and a website, the whole marketing works.
We all need a reminder of how great our God is.

I base my suggestion following my experience during two visits to Britain. The difference between a visit to Glasgow in 2006 and a visit to Southern England in 2010 was starkly visible. Walking around Glasgow one feels God is visible,  there's a bit of warmth in that Gothic City. However, four years later sitting in a Cathedral in Winchester I could soak up the faith of people down the centuries and shared a devout prayer together with tourists. I became invisible when I tried to join a prayer meeting at a Church gathering in Whiteley, and in Winchester where I was recommended to visit with a promise of a warm welcome. A woman dressed differently hovering  silently asking to be made welcome was totally ignored and she left. But,she had several meaningful conversations with strangers on the streets, the buses and the trains, go figure.

I picked up this book, for free, from Booksneeze.com. They offer an Ebook.

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