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Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Amish Cooking - a Book Review

Simply Delicious  Amish Cooking - By Sherry Gore 

1. The Index is helpful but the Ebook reader numbering is not in synch making it difficult to find recipes and the picture plates.
2. Its nice that the recipes are simple, and set in a simple format of  a list of ingredients, that are mixed together and cooked, and a little basic time saving tip at the end.
3. This book provides a list of  wholesome basic cooking recipes that could easily be increased for large numbers. Just what anyone looking for Amish recipes would want.
4. The personal anecdotes against some of the recipes are heart warming, an insight into the community. I learned more about the Amish from Pinecraft, Florida, understood that there was something different about them and got to know the food they eat.  This book tells us more about the Amish women, and their recipes give and insight into the heart of their life style. The author's statement  - Home is where they love you - says it all.
That is why I chose to read this book and received just that bit more than I expected. I appreciate the work done by the authors. And most of all appreciate Booksneeze. I picked up this book, for free, from Booksneeze.com. You have the option to get a book to hold in your hand and read or an Ebook.

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