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Tuesday, September 06, 2011

Surviving your Serengeti

7 Skills to Master Business and Life.

A fable of Self-Discovery  by Stefan Swanepoel

I chose to review this book for its title. The first chapter seems to have been tacked on to the main message of the book. There are 3 main characters, however the author sets a scene around a camp fire and has some interesting cast present, all seekers without jobs in an expensive upmarket camping site.  ‘Seronera’ a beautiful spot within the Serengeti was misspelt and  thankfully ‘Grumeti’ was right. 

The author has found an interesting way re-present good standard business skills by linking it to the migration of Wildebeests and the animals in the Serengeti plains. He goes further and strategically pushes it as life skills. The book is a good example of  - “An enterprising person explores all options and boldly seizes every opportunity.” A quote from the book on page 75 an attribute of the enterprising Nile Crocodile.
The key selling point has been publicized to the fullest - Which animal are you? You can find this out on the website given at the end of the book or just Google it, that's what I did to find out more while I waited for the book to come. 

There is much to learn and re-learn from this book. I found myself reminiscing and linking what I read to my memories which made the whole exercise pleasurable. This book would be appealing  to someone who has not visited or lived in Africa or experienced a safari, I found myself looking for more.

I received this book at no cost. According to my agreement with www.booksneeze.com, publishers John Wiley & Sons Inc., above is my review of the book. This is my opinion it’s not influenced in anyway by the publisher or www.booksneeze.com.

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