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Sunday, March 20, 2011

Forgiving: It's not Easy

This is the second time I await a book from Booksneeze.com, already have my eye on the next book I would love to have! I asked, Why would someone want to steal a Christian book anyway? then quickly came the more positive thought ... It could bless the stealer!

My first instinct is to get angry when I am hurt by words or actions, the next is to complain about it, and third is to hold a grudge. I am good at holding grudges and plotting revenge, I play the whole thing out in my brain.
Ever done that?
But it takes too long to wait for the right time to get even, and going out and starting the fight often opens a Pandora's box causing more pain and hurt, this time a rift in the relationship. I found this quite unproductive especially within the home and when the person is a parent or sibling who are going to be in your face day in day out!

I then came across RT Kendal's book Total Forgiveness, and this too after knowing the Lords prayer and mouthing the prayer thousands of times!
What I gained from the book: I was to forgive the person directly if possible and indirectly if not.
Next, do not tell anyone else about it. Now this was difficult, but managed it for a couple of occasions, only to be royally foiled one day. When a colleague insulted me in front of another, I kept quiet (a feat for one who has a biting tongue and quick to retaliate) and the other colleague then took me aside and questioned me and said I should sort it out. Well I didn't want to waste the time sorting it out, as I was happy to be alienated from this particular person! But, that isn't forgiveness either is it? So there I learned I had to forgive internally and put this behind me and not talk about it. The last point that actually got to me first was to pray sincerely for the enemy to be blessed! This was a tough one, but turned out to be easier than the other two.

More soon! Will welcome your thoughts!

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