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Sunday, February 06, 2011

Family Update 2011

2010 came and went!
However it has brought an addition to our family. Aliya Menezes was born on 24th January 2011 to Floyd and Sudeshna. Floyd is Royston's younger brother.

High Lights of 2010:

Mum and I went to New Delhi for 3 days we arrived on the 1st December 2010, we flew there and back, had a lovely 2 days then Mum caught viral fever and we made a painful and long journey back. Flight delays with Go Air are the norm a delay in the journey out and  the journey back had 2 delays, we reached home after midnight!
I am glad to say Mum has made a good recovery and is glorying in being lighter! She has lost some weight.

We did not send out Christmas cards and Mum made her famous Christmas cake after Christmas with help from Kyrie and Debu.

We celebrated our 25th Wedding Anniversary, that was a funny session, I was totally teary and Royston read his lines to the Church! Our Church hospitality group cooked the food and we served pork with bread to at least 350 members. Kyrie and the team worked all Saturday, Royston supplied them with all the ingredients and then spent the morning of Sunday ferrying it all to the Church. The background work was carried out with so much cheer we were blessed.

Kyrie found a nice job in March 2010 and enjoys it even though she has several different shifts. It is a 24/7 job.  I now am a process Trainer got the post in August 2010, haven't started my actual job but will be doing so sometime this year.

We moved into Roystons family Flat 4 Anchor House in February 2010, very noisy as its on the Kondwa main road, the traffic roars like a chinese dragon by 10am every week day! Its dusty too! But, Royston and Kyrie love it, Kyrie enjoys having her own large room and bathroom. This year she contributes to the maids salary and so has a nice tidy room too! I am happy I have a little niche in the sitting room for my jewelry work. Miss the storage arrangement of the previous house though! We haven't cleared out much of what was in the flat and added our own!

Royston had a change of process and is now happy and settled in the new job. We stayed well last year with Gods grace but didn't lose much weight.

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