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Saturday, January 08, 2011

Review of: On This Day in Christian History: 365 amazing and inspiring stories about saints, martyrs and heroes by Robert J Morgan, publisher Thomas Nelson

The book arrived on the 1st January, 2011 right on time!

The book is what its cover states a devotional. The language and presentation is interesting in its simplicity, and allows the wealth of the words capture your heart and head.

The Book starts with: Verse by Verse about Ulrich Zwingli a not so ordinary Bishop one of many people who created an awareness of the need for change. Each story is unique and thought provoking like Mary Slessor’s story, and the scripture verses that inspired each person so varied. Reading from the back of the book and the middle noticed every page has a story about an ordinary man or woman who was born or died or accomplished something on that very day. In my opinion a good way to bring awareness of one can do and of the people of faith that have in some way changed the face and heart of Christianity not being a theologian and don’t have an interest in reading autobiographies. This book could be interesting to  historians and theologians as Robert J Morgan has insightfully added some uniquely interesting people out of the ordinary.

I Received this book at no cost. According to my agreement with booksneeze.com above is my review of the book. This is my opinion it’s not influenced in anyway by the publisher or booksneeze.com.

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