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Wednesday, September 15, 2010


Earrings! As most things do, it all started with a need. I wanted pure silver earring wires for my tatted jewelry. I am in India, where all the semi precious stones I enjoy are! So it was just a matter of learning the skill and sourcing material, how difficult could that be I thought!

The World Wide Web is where I got to know how. Next, sourcing the tools turned out to be a challenge, getting silver wire is the easiest, getting aluminum wire is next to impossible! I started at a little silver jewelry shop on Center Street, he offered pure silver wire cheaper than sterling silver and was curious as to why I wanted adulterated wire!

The hardware shop on MahatmaGandhi Road had a few tools. So started my search for more specialized tools which took me into Sone Maruti Chowk, Pune City … now this was amazing but it is a story for another time. The shop that sells a vast array of tools is the busiest hole in the wall, yet it did not stock the ones I needed.

The next step was shopping on the internet, but shipping costs twice as much as the price of the tool! I turned to friends, leading to networking, making new friends, and relying completely on their goodwill; thank you, you know who you are.

I invest a lot of time and money. Not making much of the latter though! Probably because I wear, not sell what I create. Besides breaking the ‘home made’ mindset is tedious. The enjoyment is boundless, the pleasure from appreciation of my work is enough. I like my creations and get bored replicating them, discipline is a work in progress! Next is the Tangerine Jewelry Store.

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