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Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Metallica and Blues

These are the metallic threads I use. I use 2 strands and get a reasonable thickness. The best part about these threads, it is very easy to undo.

Unraveling is also easy, no tangling! The only down side is limited selection of colors.

I am looking into setting up an on line buying link.

The gold looks nice in the photo, but in clear light it is a little garish.
The pink and green have been standard for the last 2 years now.

Used a firmer hand tatting these earrings, and quite like the results. Though think it would have turned out better with a slightly thicker thread.

The blue glass beads were suddenly available after hunting for them every where!

Next Tigers eye!


TattingChic said...

Sally, the metallic thread looks lovely. It looks almost like thread. What material is it made of? The earrings are lovely. I like the beads that you use! :)

SY said...

Hi Sally,
I've been looking over your blog and I love all of your earrings, these cobalt blue ones especially. I saw your link from Mike's blog and came right over, I'm glad I did. I've seen some of your work on eTatters too as I am a member there also. God Bless and Godspeed in your journey through tatting!

Gina said...

I couldn't tell what kind of thread you used for the earrings but if you use 2 strands of the metallic floss to tat with, it should be thick enough and will hold it's shape.

sally said...

Gina, I've used 2 strands for the earrings and ornaments, but found 3 strands give a nice thickness and looks good for snowflakes. And I think you have it right its floss that has been dyed. Sy Yes! I love cobalt blue, and usually only like glass beads, its great that beads are made here in India and are available in plentiful. Thank you for your encouragement. Hey Tatting Chic......you are always supportive :) thank you!