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Monday, November 24, 2008

Tatting not at Standstill

These were my very first attempt at Christmas baubles!
It took a little measuring but got them just right.

They are pretty even if I say it myself. I was quite proud of the collection, it was tricky using glass paints.

Then I got interested in earrings, and so put them away, also dusting was a nightmare! I've some new earrings, just waiting for Royston to help me move them from my camera to the computer!

For those who follow this blog, please see my tatting on www.eTatters.ning.com

I also got hooked on Facebook! Now we have internet connectivity at home! I am so pleased because I caught up with my first and only group of sunday school kids and my lovely nieces in Seattle, amongst others.

When I became a Christian in 1997, in Dar es salaam Tanzania, my baby Kyrie was between 9 - 10 years old, and just like the child she was she made her decision immediately! We were blessed we all made a commitment together as a family.
Some how hospitality and Sunday school became our areas of contribution then, and now I am with the networking team contributing to the quarterly news letter and Kyrie is with the hospitality team! I took up Sunday school so that Kyrie and the other kids could learn about Jesus and have fun, and we did. The kids are all young ladies and men today! It was heart breaking leaving them in 2002. So I am thankful for internet!

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TattingChic said...

Your glass balls are lovely!