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Saturday, September 27, 2008

Up Closer

Applauding my supporters.
Royston is my friend and husband and forms a formidable critic. If it does not look good he says so!
This is Kyrie my daughter, she forms one part of my support and critic. The others are Royston my husband and my Mother.
I am not wearing my creations, but my earrings are made of brass and sea glass beads and the necklace is a collection of semi precious stones with pearl as well, made by a village lady who was selling her ware outside a temple in City, Pune. She had put 2 seeds that are supposed to be auspicious, but I have removed them.

Both Kyrie and Royston encourage me and go with me shopping for new material, they also act as my translator. (For those who don’t know, my Hindi is practically non existent and with my companions constantly with me, I don’t make very much of an attempt to learn).
Today while skimming through my diary and bible in Church, I noted that I have not quite accomplished several points on my New Years Resolutions List! It helped me remember I am saved by Jesus’ Grace.

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