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Saturday, October 14, 2006


Ever wondered how many minutes that add up to hours one spends in making plans? Plans for the future mostly?

I am a planner, I constantly make plans and I feel I should write them down especially if I get a great idea.

Well one great plan was to start a small boutique to sell my hand made baubles and let other women join me to do the same.

Then through a friend I met a lovely lady who was setting up a company that would market womens work and liked my baubles and now I have a marketer!

The news then gets better to hear that there is a larger market than we expected.

When we make plans and we entrust them to our God He some how gets it on its feet, and before you know it you need to be alert and catch up.

I shall post some pictures for you to see just as soon as this other precious friend of mine sends me the recent pictures she took of my work.

I also have great pearl strings that I have made for you to see.

1 comment:

Shamine said...

Hi Sally,
I've not seen the pearl string one - looking forward to the pictures...