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Saturday, October 14, 2006

Continuing the story...

So I joined a call center.

And what I have discovered is that a huge group of young and not so young people gather together 24 hours a day 7 days a week and talk to thousands of foreigners living miles away.

We get just a few minutes on 15 and 30 minute breaks to eat and chat with whoever is on a break at the same time. Over a period of time you start making friends and making plans.

Relationships grow and break continuously.
Amongst all this, I have met many christian friends who cling to Jesus to help them through some of the tiring days.
Some days you get to speak to some lovely people across the world and on other days you wonder whatever happened to simple goodness.

I find it very hard to forgive some callers, especially those who are older in their 70s and 80s and are rude and racial. Makes me wonder whether they realise that they do not have much time to make peace with God.

Then you get that spot light call, where the caller is bright cheerful and enthusiastic, they want the job to get done and do not have a problem about who helps them out. They are interested in the person speaking to them and spare a minute to acknowledge them. I thank you lot from the bottom of my heart.

Where American callers are concerned ... the best people have been the African Americans, you are good and pleasant and careful not to be racial.
Spanish callers some rotten apples here, I guess you just need to spread the pain!
Indians in America, you guys are good the majority acknowledge your people, and shame on you to those who have forgoten where you come from.

British callers, now heres a bunch of people who are the great in between. You lot are supposed to have promoted english, but cannot speak it!
Imagine speaking to an English man who tells me he does not understand my language when I was reconfirming his car registration number phonetically.

Indian customer service agents, now this is the best lot...
Never have I met a more enterprising lot ... one agent whose American caller said he did not understand his language ... connected an AT&T translator to interprete from english to english!

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