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Stage 3 - Grand Parents

Boaz RoyChowdhury We became Grand Parents on the 9th August 2015. Meet Boaz RoyChowdhury who is two months 5 days old, 57 weeks old, ...

Thursday, October 15, 2015

Stage 3 - Grand Parents

Boaz RoyChowdhury
We became Grand Parents on the 9th August 2015.

Meet Boaz RoyChowdhury who is two months 5 days old, 57 weeks old, or 67 days old today.

Watching over Boaz a few hours old.

Friday, February 14, 2014

Looking Forward: On the road to finishing well.

Should auld acquaintance be forgot...http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ztjhHkH7OvQ

As the last day of 2013 finally closed, I was on Face Book and watched the wishes for 2014 pop in every 2 seconds, I wanted a song that spoke what I felt, and remembered Auld Lang Syne. Oh how I loved that song as a child, and used to hum along as I never could get the words.

I found it and as I listened the memories poured in... Mum and Dad smiling and hugging each other and us. Then of Daddy with his special smile telling me how much he too liked the song. The smells ooh drunken adults hugging and kissing each other and us kids, and me wiping away the kisses that smelled too much lol :D

A Book Review - Samson: A Savior Will Rise

By Shawn Hoffman

Other reviewers have said this book has some unexpected stuff. It did
There is a horrible account of torture,  horrific. Betrayal by a child, forgiveness in the midst of extreme fear.
Then a thread of strong faith that the Messiah will come... thinning of the thread, losing faith that the Messiah would come, great depression, German occupation, Russian occupation, neither any better.
Better to be together... at first, hiding while his family were taken, then joining them...this book tears into you, describing how it was when the earth stood still and God was silent.
I think of all the pain we wreak on each other and still nothing compares to the holocaust. 

I picked up this book, for free, from Booksneeze.com. They offer an Ebook.

Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Forgiveness by Matthew West- A Book Review

  This little book, a compilation of true stories by real people will bring you to tears and will touch your heart. The song will tell you the truth.

Forgiveness - 'forgive and forget' is a phrase glibly stated by everyone no matter the nation they hale from, and more often than not, they tag on if they are want to give a personal touch: 'I am not able to forget'. Or from a recent conversation, we insist that we forgive and forget. However, the Bible doesn't put the two adjectives together, its either one or the other, 'forgive your brother' or 'set aside your grievances' and best of all, 'God sets your sins apart as far as the East is from the West'.

Why should I forgive? What's in it for me? Forgiveness allows you and I to live at peace, it's not for the other person - as most of us think. I forgive that I may step out of my prison or pain and into the sunshine. As Nelson Mandela said: I wanted to be free, so I let it go, I let it go.

We all end up thinking about forgiveness ... its almost as much a part of our essential being as that part that knows the moral code and that God exists.
In this book, a woman stated - only forgiveness brings peace...  die in my bitterness - an angry woman my precious Tom wouldn't have recognised.
Do we truly believe, God is able to forgive the person who sells their child to human traffickers or rents them out to paedophiles, has William Dahmmer been truly forgiven? They accepted Jesus as their saviour and so them must be forgiven.
We want that peace that comes from letting go of the wounds of the heart and mind - that pain lingers on well after the scars have faded, and seem insurmountable when there are no scars at all.

Jesus came that we may be forgiven.
When bad things happen, where is God? The answer given in this book is compelling...I will let you read it for yourselves.
Forgive as Joseph forgave is oft stated, but it's not easy, neither was it easy for Joseph, but once on the forgiving track it goes all the way...I believe the forgiver is the one who rests easy at night.

During yet another conversation, it was said: we must forgive and forget, and there is no need to hold the other person accountable any longer, we must let them go, not seek to hear them admit their folly.

I picked up this book, for free, from Booksneeze.com. They offer an Ebook.

Sunday, November 17, 2013

Am I Worth It? A book review...

Turn Around God: Discovering God's transformational power. By Charlotte Gambill

Being on a journey towards finishing well, needing something really bad, looking for a change to take place now, not tomorrow, being still and wondering whether its the right thing to do, is being still being luke warm? When contentment starts feeling more like containment, you do what I did.

Choose this book - about our Turn Around GOD. Yes I was, am looking for an answer. I hear the question - Yes! I have. The testimony is not mine to tell.
Yes I am worth it :)
You are worth it too.

You need this book in a British economy gone wrong,  filled with people in a frenzy of fear and despair following the recession. This  book should be on every book shelf in all Book Stores across the country. There should be T Shirts and posters and flyers and a website, the whole marketing works.
We all need a reminder of how great our God is.

I base my suggestion following my experience during two visits to Britain. The difference between a visit to Glasgow in 2006 and a visit to Southern England in 2010 was starkly visible. Walking around Glasgow one feels God is visible,  there's a bit of warmth in that Gothic City. However, four years later sitting in a Cathedral in Winchester I could soak up the faith of people down the centuries and shared a devout prayer together with tourists. I became invisible when I tried to join a prayer meeting at a Church gathering in Whiteley, and in Winchester where I was recommended to visit with a promise of a warm welcome. A woman dressed differently hovering  silently asking to be made welcome was totally ignored and she left. But,she had several meaningful conversations with strangers on the streets, the buses and the trains, go figure.

I picked up this book, for free, from Booksneeze.com. They offer an Ebook.

Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Book Review - Victim of Grace by Robin Jones Gunn

Victim a negative description for anybody.

 Being a Victim of Grace?  How does one become a victim of grace? 

What do you do when you are waiting? - sympathize, encourage?

What does the waiter (person waiting) want from me/you?  What would you give them?
Do I wish to know the hard times or the victories?
God did not hide much in His Word - Jesus, he spoke the truth, he told us the truth.
Do we recognize the truth when we hear / read it?
Do we want the truth or the good news first?
How much do we deserve?
Looking at the upside. When God's goodness prevails.
God is faithful
He does not sleep
He does not tire
He sees everything
He loves me, when I want it or not, He is there waiting for me whether I want Him to or not.
This is what it means to be a victim of grace.
God's love is relentless...

I loved this book. Enjoyed Robin Jones Gunn's view point and profound honesty.
I would recommend this book to my Sisters, Girl Friends, every Woman.
I picked up this book, for free, from Booksneeze.com. You have the option to get a book to hold in your hand and read or an Ebook.