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Thursday, September 04, 2008

Tatted Earrings

I am still learning to set my page correctly! Always want to share every new picture. At the top are Iolite and Garnet neck lace I bought, and I made the earrings

I took a close up of my ‘blue project’ and have it as my desktop background. It looks lovely.

My technique has improved I have been visiting Elizabeth Zipay, Jane Eboral and Jon’s sites and picked up some very good tatting techniques and inspiration, thank you Ladies.

I now use a combination of techniques learnt from all of you ladies and Annie who makes necklaces and earrings. I have incorporated wire in my work and also use the crimp lock to keep the wire in shape and stable. It is easier to tat over the wire frame then to take the wire along as I noted on Iris Niebach’s video. Silk thread on wire is awesome, see my Caramel earrings.

All the material I use is from India and I have a nice collection of semi precious stones and fresh water pearls along with a host of beads. I intend to get a silversmith to make earring hooks for me.

My challenge at present is piercing a hole into the Jacaranda seeds that I have collected. I can visualize the necklace and earrings I could make with them. The problem is the seeds are very hard and smooth and a hand drill does not work, I have broken several bits so far!

I love the tatting shuttles Grizzly Mountain offers and hope to get some someday soon.


TattingChic said...

Lovely work! I look forward to more tatting posts from you!

Anonymous said...

Hey loved these a lot!
Good work :)
Cheers, Shamine