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Saturday, August 12, 2006

Being Indian by Pavan Varma

I had an interesting conversation with a friend about this book.

There are different perspectives on the Indian and it is the point you begin at, that makes the difference.

My friend was most aghast at the introduction and wondered which Indian was being refered to!

I tried to explain that this book was looking at the western focal point ... no joy. However, it is his point that really made me look again.

Gujaratis and Sindhis would be a people that would strive anywhere because of their unfortunate history of displacement ... but it would be wrong to classify all Indians by them.

My friend said, Indians do not really care to compete with anyone other than themselves... and that is why you could step into a house in Mumbay, New York or London and feel at home as long as you were an Indian.

My point of view is ... how do you classify a people who do not fit your norm?

And Indian is not caucasian, asian nor african... My friend said we are brown ... and I was quick to point out that there was no such classification.

Here are a people that have aryan ancestry and are capable of competing on par with any caucasian, asian, or african.
A people who have their own version of English!

So I rest my case...

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