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Saturday, March 18, 2006

Controversial Cartoons and levels of depravity

Whenever we see a loud response to a controversey look beneath and see the reality.

The reality is, every thing we do is measured in blackand white, good or evil.
I have not got over the sight of a beautiful human being's burnt remains hanging from a noose with a loadof young men laughing in the fore ground.
Or a group of young men caught on Tv laughing at the news of an Israeli leader who has made history being in hospital suffering a heart condition.
Sadly to say that is the sight we see today of muslim youth.

Why is that a student complains about not ever having a good Easter, because they always slot in exams on those days - the students exams are on Saturday and Easter Monday!
The powers involved here would not dream of slotting any exams on a hindu holiday or holy day nor a muslim holi/holy day...would they?

So I said, that we are blessed when we suffer forJesus, to which I received a ...huh...So I asked, would you rather be persecuted forJesus... to which the answer is... yes at least I knowI am doing the right thing....So I now ask myself...what is the right thing, and why measure the weight of the injustice that we need to stand firm against...

By the way, the christians who were supposed to be reconverted, what happened we never got to hear a word in the press did we.
But let me tell you that they stood firm, and they continue to do that. A victory for Jesus is never newsworthy.Let me tell you something else...we have seen in ourlife time, yours and mine, the statues of Buddah fall in afghanistan, the mosques fall in Israel and India, as well as temples and not forgetting the churches ofEngland converted to public houses etc... and all this is as it should be...

The cartoon is just an expression of world view, out at an appropriate time, we no longer wish to pander to the arab terrorist (mind you thats the target not Islam).. who wants to pander to the terrorist? Gone are the days when an arab could walk around and flaunt his money, reverse his car onto yours and say you struck his car in the rear, or his wife illtreat an Indian maid or Sri Lankan, Eiritrean or..
We wont let them get ahead of us in anyline up be it to the ticket counter at the airport or elsewhere...And when we suspect a bomb, we will shoot without hesitation at the man who is light skinned but has black hair a mustache and beard. We will agnonise later at the fact that he was Brazillian you idiot not an arab, but there you go, how can you tell.?

The truth is that every body can say what they want,but they dont achieve much, because they are looking at shades of grey.
I tell you Christ is the truth no matter how harsh my words are and we just cannot go around it. Every knee will bow, I tell you because that is what God has said... and who can contradict ones creator?
No other religion prescribes this, so there you are.


BizMonk MJ said...

Hi Sally,

Welcome to the Blogging world! I am glad to see another "convert" for blogger.com.

Talking about a different kind of evangelisation here.

Take care and see you guys again in the real world.

Tangerine Days...hmm I should ask you why you named your blogspot such.

Ridgetatter said...

All of human kind is not as evil as its potential for evil. That's why Jesus came, do deliver us from the dominion of evil within each of us. All of which gives us a Biblical-Worldview which recognizes that to have 'expectations' for good in this world, to be fleeting, at best. One only has to read the magazine, "The Voice Of The Martyrs" to know that people do indeed die for their faith, daily!
Yes God is a God of Love, but He is also a God of Justice...I pray for grace from Him, not justice..because without Christ in my life, I would wither from God's site. In Christ, I am God's child and he sees my Savior's righteousness as I have no righteousness of my own. Jesus said that in this world we would see people promoting evil and good...and from watching and reading, that is surely true.

Your Sister, In Christ

Beverly June Davis